Quick Facts :

  • I’m based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and work with businesses from all over the world
  • I offer Google and Facebook Ads management
  • All my direct client accounts performed fantastically well during lockdown, with many beating their Christmas sales.
  • I love Slack & Trello & use these extensively to communicate
  • I have two office dogs & volunteer with a pug rescue charity


How I Started Along This Path:

After being made redundant from a software testing role (believe me, it was a blessing in disguise) I took a mini career break and did voluntary work for a local artists’ website.  It was then that I first dipped my toes into the world of online marketing, html and web design.


Off the back of this, I managed to snag a Website Exec role at a large outdoor clothing company, working my way up in a relatively short space of time, I was headhunted to run 9 websites & all the digital channels for a major catalogue company.  All this happened over the space of 3 years, and was quite the baptism of fire.  I regularly worked 70+ hour weeks, got to travel internationally which on paper all sounds very exciting, but something didn’t feel right, I looked 10 years older & I was exhausted.


I had no life outside of work, I wanted to spend more time with my husband and I really wanted a dog!


A call out of the blue, from an ex-colleague changed my life. They asked me to work for them on a freelance basis working across all digital channels and life suddenly became a whole lot better.  


Fast forward 15 years, (I got the dog – I now have 2 and a 10 year old daughter) my focus is on paid search – mainly Google, Bing & Facebook Ads.  


I’m a total data geek!  Paid search is one of the most data rich digital channels there is.  And at the same time, it also appeals to my creative side (did I mention that I really wanted to be an artist when I was younger, until I realised it would probably never pay the bills!) in terms of writing ad copy and using images for the best impact.


It’s been an amazing journey so far, with many high points and very few lows.  I’ve been lucky to work with really great clients and enjoy having a good working relationship and really getting under the skin of their business. Working in partnership, I really believe is the best way to achieve success for everyone.


Things That Are Important To Me

Life has changed a lot since the 70+ hour week times – I really value work-life balance.  A lot of people say that but don’t practice it.  I really do.  When we have balance in our lives, we’re much happier, can perform better in daily tasks and we’re just much better people to be around.   Which is why I work shorter office hours (8.30 – 3, Mon-Fri) – I’m always upfront about this and my clients are happy with this. It’s always fine to email me at anytime, but my core office hours is when I respond to messages. (I also have an emergency contact procedure in place – but in 15 years, it’s never been used.)


Let’s Talk About You

So you’ve read all about me, but what about you? Maybe you’ve had someone managing your ad accounts before, but didn’t get the results you were expecting.


Possibly you’ve managed the accounts yourself and the results you got have been okay but you’d just like a second opinion if you’re going along the right lines?


Are you teetering on the brink of getting in touch with me? I’d really love to have a chat with you about your goals and how we can achieve them together.